"Getting dressed should be fun.

And being dressed should be comfortable."

- Aimee Piersma



There are three things that make me light up when I talk about them: God, my family, and FASHION. Unusual combination, some might say. But God has given me a passion for clothing and for women who need the practical tools for looking their best.

My girls say their mom is a stylist, but I’m not really your typical stylist. I’m just a woman who knows that her appearance speaks of her character, and I'm passionate about helping others understand that too. I’m more of a coach or an educator, coming alongside groups and individuals to explain the basic building blocks of getting dressed that those of us who don’t just naturally “get it” need defined. What I try to teach my girls is what I want to help everyone understand: Getting dressed should be fun. And being dressed should be comfortable.

My hope is that we will appreciate beauty in all its vast variety and be confident in our own beauty.




Your Style
Finding your personal style is a practical process; it is an introspective and creative experience. I can walk you through the whole process of discovery, or just help you figure out which cut of denim is right for you. It’ll be fun. I promise.

See below to get an idea of exactly what I am offering you.


Style Analysis
In this 90-minute session, we will discuss your body type and the best cuts, styles, and combinations of clothing to fit it. We’ll discover your best colors and you’ll receive a package of color swatches to use when shopping and evaluating your wardrobe. I’ll also share tips for accessorizing your unique frame and using accessories to complete your wardrobe. We’ll then start your journey toward discovering what your style personality is, based on your likes, lifestyle, and character.


During this 2-3 hour session, we will evaluate your current wardrobe in light of your body type, colors, frame size, lifestyle, and style personality. We’ll remove many items and create new outfits from what you already own, while making a ”Shop On Purpose” list of key pieces for you to purchase later. If you’ve already had a personal style analysis, this will take about 2 hours. If this is our first time meeting, it will require 3 hours since I will be teaching you about your body type, colors, and personal style as we go.


27 Hangers Wardrobe Follow-up Appointment
After you have watched the 27 Hangers online capsule wardrobe training, and have begun the process of cleaning out your closet, I can work with you to create your 27 Hanger wardrobe.


Personal Shopping
With your "Shop On Purpose" list in hand, we will find those key pieces to complete your wardrobe. You fix your budget and I’ll plan where to find what you need, whether we are shopping together or I'm shopping on your behalf.


Style Parties
Grab 4 or more girlfriends and have a style party! We’ll talk about body types, colors, accessories, and current trends while we eat, drink, and have fun! Take home items include personal style worksheet, color swatch packet, lots of tips and tricks, and a gift. Time: no maximum as long as we’re having fun!



Speaking Engagements

My favorite part of this job is speaking to groups of women – of any age!   Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Dressing by body type and colors
  • Accessorizing: The secret to expressing your individuality
  • Why Beauty Matters: Changing our perception of beauty and reflecting God's beauty with our own
  • Discovering your style personality
  • Creating a wardrobe that fits you and your life
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe (based on the 27 Hangers tutorial)
  • The Mommy Guide to looking chic with a diaper bag and stroller
  • Seasonal trends for every body type and style personality
  • Reveal Your Dignity: A character-based program for teens teaching them how to look super-trendy without sacrificing respect for themselves and others.


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